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  • Life is like a camera…

    Life is like a camera…

    I found this picture (with a great quote) over at FilmmakingIQ and felt a need to re-share it with everyone. Life is like a camera.. Just focus on what’s important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, just take another shot. – Unknown

  • Great long takes

    Great long takes

    The holiday season is getting closer and for many, that means extra time to watch moves.  There are probably numerous films on your “to watch list”, but why not use this time to also revisit some good old classics? So on that occasion I have gathered a list of some cinematography candy, searching the internets for […]

  • Free Photography Course

    Free Photography Course

    Marc Levoy’s Photography course @ Stanford University, is now freely available on the Stanford website. Everything from PowerPoint presentations and lectures to animations that explain some photography theory, and various photo-related tasks, can all be found on their website. Marc Levoy, is a professor of Computer Science at Stanford, whom in the late seventies developed […]

  • The Lively Morgue

    The Lively Morgue

    I love this Tumblr. The New Your Times Photo-bog: The Lively Morgue For generations, most of the photographs housed in the newsroom archive of The New York Times — known affectionately as “the morgue” — have been hidden away from the public eye in filing cabinets and manila folders. There are exceptions, of course. The newspaper […]

  • 3D Curved Photo Wall

    3D Curved Photo Wall

    While you are waiting for me to get my photo albums, back online. I’ve been playing around with flash, and tried to create a 3D curved photo wall. You can check out the result, over on my Photo-page. Just click and drag to see different actions and of course some of my photos. It will be a good […]

  • The Mountain

    The Mountain

    Mr. TSO is a passionate landscape photographer and filmmaker from Norway. And he has shot some amazing time lapse videos, including: The Arctic Light, The Mountain and The Aurora. You can fin all of the on his Mr. TSO, which we’re sure you’ll want to check out after seeing The Mountain down below. It’s great work!

  • Stanley Kubrick – a filmography

    Stanley Kubrick – a filmography

    Design, Martin Woutisseth finestblackdesign.blogspot.com/ Music, Romain Trouillet : romain-trouillet.com myspace.com/romaintrouillet Animation made with mixing each Kubrick’s movies. Typography, colors, patterns and symbols are re interprating. The old man is watching behind his life, nostalgic and the young one is thinking about his future to write.