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  • Short List of Movie Resources

    Short List of Movie Resources

    My big collection of movie resources, can be a bit heavy to jump right into, so I’ve also created a Short List (of Movie Resources) to get you started.   Where to find movie Information: IMDb Everyone has heard of it, The Internet Movie Data Base is probably the largest, best resource for all things film and television. They include movies, actor […]

  • Paperman – Full Animated Short Film

    Paperman – Full Animated Short Film

    A 2013 OSCAR NOMINEE, AN URBAN OFFICE WORKER FINDS THAT PAPER AIRPLANES ARE INSTRUMENTAL IN MEETING A GIRL IN WAYS HE NEVER EXPECTED. Introducing a groundbreaking technique that seamlessly merges computer-generated and hand-drawn animation techniques, first-time director John Kahrs takes the art of animation in a bold new direction with the Oscar®-nominated short, “Paperman.” Using […]

  • Great long takes

    Great long takes

    The holiday season is getting closer and for many, that means extra time to watch moves.  There are probably numerous films on your “to watch list”, but why not use this time to also revisit some good old classics? So on that occasion I have gathered a list of some cinematography candy, searching the internets for […]

  • Short Film ‘Birthday’

    Short Film ‘Birthday’

    Ryan Koo over at NoFilmSchool made me aware of the great and moving short film by Pietro Malegori, ‘Birthday’. The filmmaker him self, describes the film like this: When we lose someone, a part of us dies. The other part hardly comes back. A man and a woman, once parents are mourning the death of their son. […]

  • New item on my wish list: Sony announces F5 & F55 4K cameras

    New item on my wish list: Sony announces F5 & F55 4K cameras

    Ok, it’s far out of my reality, but one should be allowed to dream. The other day, Sony announced it’s F5 & F55 4K cameras, plus an update for the F65. And once again, a camera popped up on my ever growing gear wish list. It is almost daunting to see how fast the technology and the market is changing  and in some ways, […]

  • Patton Oswalt’s Letters to Both Sides

    Patton Oswalt’s Letters to Both Sides

    After stirring keynote speeches by Lewis Black and Marc Maron over the past couple of years, Patton Oswalt took to the stage adjacent to the Hyatt lounge  to deliver the third annual keynote for the Just For Laughs Comedy Conference in Montreal. The recent keynote speech on comedy applies equally well if you replace the term […]

  • The Mountain

    The Mountain

    Mr. TSO is a passionate landscape photographer and filmmaker from Norway. And he has shot some amazing time lapse videos, including: The Arctic Light, The Mountain and The Aurora. You can fin all of the on his Mr. TSO, which we’re sure you’ll want to check out after seeing The Mountain down below. It’s great work!

  • Slåttedag i Beitlandet

    Slåttedag i Beitlandet

    Fylkesmannen i Nord-Trøndelag har lastet opp videoen fra Slåttedagen i Beitlandet. Et arrangement på Nergården i Beitlandet av “Færbøgda i lag” i samarbeid med Stjørdal kommune og Fylkesmannen i Nord-Trøndelag med Trond Olav og Heidi Beitland som verter. På området hadde arrangeørene flere varme griller der folk kunne grille middagen sin mens de så på de forskjellige […]

  • Stanley Kubrick – a filmography

    Stanley Kubrick – a filmography

    Design, Martin Woutisseth finestblackdesign.blogspot.com/ Music, Romain Trouillet : romain-trouillet.com myspace.com/romaintrouillet Animation made with mixing each Kubrick’s movies. Typography, colors, patterns and symbols are re interprating. The old man is watching behind his life, nostalgic and the young one is thinking about his future to write.

  • New CineGrain for your Digital Footage

    New CineGrain for your Digital Footage

    If you’re trying to give your digital footage an analog aesthetic by adding grain, you can do it by using any number of filters, or you can go buy a boatload of actual film scans and composite them on top of your footage, which is what the new CineGrain collection offers. I’m guessing this will be […]