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  • Hva er kryptovaluta?

    Hva er kryptovaluta?

    Hva er kryptovaluta? Bitcoins som de fleste nå har hørt om, er det vi kaller en digital, desentralisert kryptovaluta. Mens tradisjonell fiat-valuta styres av et lands sentralbank som blant annet bestemmer hvor mye penger som skal produseres, har ikke Bitcoin en slik sentral styringsmyndighet. Teknologien styres av et peer-to-peer nettverk av brukernes dataservere og alle transaksjoner lagres […]

  • 30 Photoshop Techniques Every Photographer Should Know

    30 Photoshop Techniques Every Photographer Should Know
  • Bring Your Photography to Life

    Bring Your Photography to Life

    Commercial advertising photographer Tom Hussey photographed an award winning campaign for Novartis’ Exelon Patch, a prescription medicine for the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s dementia. The highly conceptual photographs depicted an older person looking at the reflection of their younger self in a mirror. “Sometimes we need photography to create a complex interplay between […]

  • Sources for Royalty Free Music

    Sources for Royalty Free Music

    As you probably know, you are cannot use music freely in your movies or a podcast for that matter. You must gain permission to use other people’s material and often this will also cost you money. There are of course alternatives, but to put get a grip on different licensing rules or finding good free […]

  • Top 5 Free Disposable Email Address Services

    Top 5 Free Disposable Email Address Services

    I’ve got 5 different e-mail addresses. One private, one for business, one for signing up with different sites online and so on. But even if I try to limit the use of the more important addresses, which I have linked to my phone, I still receive a lot of spam. Spam, spam, spam and then some more […]

  • My Favorite Websites

    My Favorite Websites

    I spend a lot of time online, both at my work and in my off hours, and find there are certain key sites who do a great job to help me stay up on business issues and personal interests. So I thought I would share some of my favorites, the ones that get me excited about work […]

  • Facebook Cover Templates

    Facebook Cover Templates

    I’m working on some Facebook Timeline Cover Templates for Photoshop, which you can download and edit for free. There is no “Help-file” or “How to..-guide”, in the pacage. But with your feedback, I’ll easier understand what needs a detailed description, in future updates. Try them out and let me know what you think.   Download […]

  • Kjøpe nytt kamera?

    Kjøpe nytt kamera?

    Det nærmer seg jul og i år som så mange år før, vil det nok ligge mange flotte digitalkameraer under juletreet. Men det er ikke alle som vet hvilket kamera de skal kjøpe til seg eller «familien». Derfor har jeg tenk å gi deg noen fine råd til hva du skal se etter og fokusere […]

  • Free Photography Course

    Free Photography Course

    Marc Levoy’s Photography course @ Stanford University, is now freely available on the Stanford website. Everything from PowerPoint presentations and lectures to animations that explain some photography theory, and various photo-related tasks, can all be found on their website. Marc Levoy, is a professor of Computer Science at Stanford, whom in the late seventies developed […]

  • Top 10: Why First-Time Freelancers Fail

    Top 10: Why First-Time Freelancers Fail

    So you have been thinking of quitting your day job and starting up as a freelancer? Beware of these 10 things that can sink your business before it sets sail, listed by Freelance switch: There’s quite a fetish for failure-as-fodder these days. Search “failure” on popular business sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, or Inc, and you’ll get loads of articles on how […]