Patton Oswalt’s Letters to Both Sides

Patton Oswalt’s Letters to Both Sides

After stirring keynote speeches by Lewis Black and Marc Maron over the past couple of years, Patton Oswalt took to the stage adjacent to the Hyatt lounge  to deliver the third annual keynote for the Just For Laughs Comedy Conference in Montreal. The recent keynote speech on comedy applies equally well if you replace the term “comedian” with “filmmaker”, and addresses some nice points  on trying to make it via “traditional” routes. So here it is:

[fusion_youtube_video] brhuMYNzyQM [/youtube_video] [ Found via  The Comics Comic ]

Oswalt employed self-deprecation right off the bat, joking that he was far from JFL’s first choice to address the comedians, industry and fans in the audience. “Luckily for me, none of them could be bothered to wake up before 1 p.m.,” he said. He also noted with sarcasm that in a year in which comedy has come under the microscope of the media and bloggers, of course, a “straight white male” should be the comedy community’s representative to make sense of it all. Speaking of which, he added: “People are referring to us as the comedy communtiy — thats how fucked up things are right now.”

You can read the rest of this article and his letters @  The Comics Comic .

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