Short Film ‘Birthday’

Short Film ‘Birthday’

Ryan Koo over at NoFilmSchool made me aware of the great and moving short film by Pietro Malegori, ‘Birthday’. The filmmaker him self, describes the film like this:

When we lose someone, a part of us dies. The other part hardly comes back.
A man and a woman, once parents are mourning the death of their son. On the day of his birthday.

Watch the cinematic excellence down below, and head over to Pietro Malegori’s Website or Vimeo-page and tell him how much you liked it afterwards.

[fusion_vimeo_video] 42734453[/vimeo_video]

And while on the subject, here are some other films dealing with loss and grief, found by Ryan over at NoFilmSchool. For more info on each film, I have linked their Title to their respective Vimeo-page:


[fusion_vimeo_video] 36813256[/vimeo_video]

The Division Of Gravity

How many things we held yesterday as articles of faith which today we tell as fables.


[fusion_vimeo_video] 36290804[/vimeo_video]


Is the story of a young American soldier who dies in WW1 and ninety years later unearths himself from a grave in the European countryside. Shot over the course of a week in Mendocino County, Morongo Valley and New York City, the film is a dark, but beautiful meditation on a wayward soul’s pursuit of peace.

Rest was created by Sunday / Paper, a collaboration between Cole Schreiber and David Parker, which have hade a great bunch of short films.

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