Month: September 2014

  • Want To Work While Traveling The World For A Year?

    When 25-year-old Greg Caplan left his job at Groupon recently, he really wanted to spend some time traveling and working remotely, but ran into a few problems. “I was able to find remote work, but it’s difficult to find friends to travel with,” he says. “The biggest issue is traveling alone. I thought it’d be […]

  • Why Every Media Website Redesign Looks the Same

    If web design is art, we may be entering its minimalist phase. Website redesigns from some of the most-visited media destinations on the Internet may be leaving users with a bit of déjà vu since many are sporting the same visual elements. “It’s sort of the same way that all cars look more or less […]

  • Big Data

    Helt siden menneskene begynte å risse tegn og symboler inn i stein, har vi prøvd å ta vare på informasjon. Men med teknologiens utvikling, har prosessen blitt både mindre tidkrevende og fysisk anstrengende. Digitale formater har avløst papir og blekk, som en gang tok over for stein og meisel. Teknikkene vi har brukt for å […]

  • Tim Minchin UWA Address (2013)

  • 10 Renowned Directors Offer Their Advice on Filmmaking

    As artists, we know that to some extent all our creative ventures are based on what has come before. Although, much like the biological evolution, the utilization of creativity recombines and mutates what has been established, ultimately resulting in work that is uniquely yours. The same can be said about the wisdom of veteran filmmakers. It’s […]

  • Mind-Blowing ‘Game of Thrones’ Theory

    Note: The following post contains spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen seasons 1-4 of HBO’s Game of Thrones. It also makes references to material found only in the A Song of Ice and Fire books. This is only a theory, so there is no guarantee that this is correct. Just when you thought you had the […]

  • Pentax Film Duplicator Overview

    A film duplicator accessory was among the prototypes on display by Pentax at this year’s CP+ show.  This bellows-like setup makes it easy to digitize film photos and slides using a DSLR without having to use any other external hardware or software. It’s no doubt surprising to see a film-related accessory being launched this far into the digital era.  […]