Guide to changing colors in your footage using Premiere Pro

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Travel The World

Travel the world, experience the unthinkable, learn to live and dream about space. Our earth is a magnificent place. Lets discover it together. Share and enjoy it’s beauty and teach generations to come.


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My Tech Place

Living in this modernized world, one can not avoid technology, be it for the good or bad. I like a lot of the stuff that surrounds us. How it works, what it’s made of and how I can make the best use of it.


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Minde Film & Foto

Har du behov for hjelp til medieproduksjon? Minde Film & Foto, kan tilby og bistå en rekke forskjellige medieprodukter, bl.a. film, foto og webdesign. Klikk deg inn og les mer om hva firmaet har å tilby.


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Hi there. I’m Adrian, a cinematographer, director and producer from the small country known as Norway. I involve myself in as many creative areas as I can and welcome projects from all over the world. I’m a storyteller by heart, always trying capture and share all the interesting aspects of our planet and the people who live in it. I refuse to pigeonhole myself into single category and I will film anything (within reason) on all kinds of projects. With an aim to create media that inspire, sparks creativity and passion, I am at my best when I can work on teams with like minded people.

[tab id=2]The club in my heart, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, commonly referred to as Spurs, is an English football club based in Tottenham, London.[/tab]
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Latest from my Blog:

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