What’s Your Place in the Film Industry?

What’s Your Place in the Film Industry?

Filmmaking. Filmmakers.

J. R. Legend has been in the business 22 years.

He’s seen filmmakers come and go, and they always seem to fit into 4 categories.

  1. The one hit wonders.
  2. The filmmaking legends and giants.
  3. The filmmaking wannabes
  4. The filmmaking wannabes who is ready to learn.

The Internet is flooded with #1’s and #3’s so be careful when searching filmmaking forums for answers. For all you other filmmakers out there, attitude is everything. Keep yourself in check and self-evaluate often. A willingness to learn from other’s filmmaking successes and mistakes will put you on the right path to success.

To read all of J.R. Legend’s advise, head on over to ezinearticles.com for the full article.

But before you leave, be sure to check out this great film industry infographic, from the filmsourcing blog. It’s Infographic Saturday after all.

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