Ryan Koo over at NoFilmSchool made me aware of the great and moving short film by Pietro Malegori, ‘Birthday’. The filmmaker him self, describes the film like this:

When we lose someone, a part of us dies. The other part hardly comes back.
A man and a woman, once parents are mourning the death of their son. On the day of his birthday.

Watch the cinematic excellence down below, and head over to Pietro Malegori’s Website or Vimeo-page and tell him how much you liked it afterwards.

[fusion_vimeo_video] 42734453[/vimeo_video]

And while on the subject, here are some other films dealing with loss and grief, found by Ryan over at NoFilmSchool. For more info on each film, I have linked their Title to their respective Vimeo-page:


[fusion_vimeo_video] 36813256[/vimeo_video]

The Division Of Gravity

How many things we held yesterday as articles of faith which today we tell as fables.


[fusion_vimeo_video] 36290804[/vimeo_video]


Is the story of a young American soldier who dies in WW1 and ninety years later unearths himself from a grave in the European countryside. Shot over the course of a week in Mendocino County, Morongo Valley and New York City, the film is a dark, but beautiful meditation on a wayward soul’s pursuit of peace.

Rest was created by Sunday / Paper, a collaboration between Cole Schreiber and David Parker, which have hade a great bunch of short films.