New item on my wish list: Sony announces F5 & F55 4K cameras

New item on my wish list: Sony announces F5 & F55 4K cameras

Ok, it’s far out of my reality, but one should be allowed to dream. The other day, Sony announced it’s F5 & F55 4K cameras, plus an update for the F65. And once again, a camera popped up on my ever growing gear wish list. It is almost daunting to see how fast the technology and the market is changing  and in some ways, one can almost be glad not to have invested in gear that is outdated before it’s payed for.

Any how, if you have a rich uncle, a secret bank account or just a unusual big interest for cameras and equipment, you can check out what other people think about this recent announcement from Sony:

The Sony F5 & F55 cameras were just announced, alongside an entire range of workflow infrastructure that goes along with. It is one of the most massive announcements of new cameras to date, with Sony showing of a lot of “F” squarely aimed at challenging Red with their Epic, Canon with their C300/C500 and even Arri with their Alexa. Sony is truly flexing their muscles and showing off what they do best, providing entire production pipelines to go along with their cameras.

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